#hungercrunch letter pressed beasty(s) are in!  hats off to artsyomni for engineering this lovely little guy!

My friend and coworker @artsyomni designed all the collectibles for Hunger Crunch.  Aren’t they little gems?!

Mostacho (Maniacal Master of Mayhem) 

You can try your luck against him in Level 8 of our new game!  If you dare.   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hunger-crunch/id860000093?mt=8

Mostacho (Maniacal Master of Mayhem) showed up at our house tonight.  Turns out…he plays the piano! Who knew!

Another old photo of the beginnings of the HC back story.  (working it all out again, with Dodd)

Thoughts of what players should be able to do by Dodd Caldwell (on left 5/5/12) and final art.

Original level selector sketch by Dodd Caldwell (on left 5/5/12) and final art.

These photos - just in.  (Great work, Ryan!)

Subject: The wonderful beginnings of (world hunger boss) Mostacho

One day soon, kids will chase this guy - determined to “take Hunger down”.

Big Day!

Apple approved Hunger Crunch for the overseas App store, today!image

We met. Then he swallowed a sword.

Getting closer. Today, we sent out our first print ad for an Oct pub!

App Store Ahead!

After two years of working on Hunger Crunch, the finish line’s in sight.


1.8 million meals / year animation test (with 7 meals :) )

India, might be my favorite country to visit.  Its hard to say why.  But, I think its mostly to do with everything.  As a friend of mine says, “India gets under your skin.”

Next month, I’ll make a short film there. Perhaps, with that in hand, I’ll be better able to explain why I love this country and its people so much.