Big Day!

Apple approved Hunger Crunch for the overseas App store, today!image

We met. Then he swallowed a sword.

Getting closer. Today, we sent out our first print ad for an Oct pub!

App Store Ahead!

After two years of working on Hunger Crunch, the finish line’s in sight.


1.8 million meals / year animation test (with 7 meals :) )

India, might be my favorite country to visit.  Its hard to say why.  But, I think its mostly to do with everything.  As a friend of mine says, “India gets under your skin.”

Next month, I’ll make a short film there. Perhaps, with that in hand, I’ll be better able to explain why I love this country and its people so much.

The human “tunnel” on our Hunger Crunch game night in Honduras!  Mark and Will did both play-by-play and color commentating both nights.  The kids had great fun and the commentating was hilarious.

Gotta say, the kids in Central America know how to have a good time. This is night 2 of our Hunger Crunch parties!

I love Honduras!

Today, we visited a place where hard working impoverished Hondurans dig through garbage to find items they can recycle and sell to buy food. My 15 year old daughter got to go with me and we fed these people out of the back of a pick-up truck with a team of about 13 others. This lady was so sweet. Made me think of my amazing Grandma Angel for some reason. Sounds sappy probably, but I wanted to give her a hug.

Not only did we get a huge box of balloons today, we got this up and working!!! “Showdown - Fork Boy / Beasty vs. Drought Monster”

Today, balloons came in! We’re talking thousands! Can’t wait to see a few hundred kids with these!

More work on the Hunger Crunch landing page…still very rough!

Javascript test Today!  Getting closer!