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Let's "Kick World
Hunger in the peep!"

Do it with an IOS game
and take notes...

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Bryan Martin

Gotta say, the kids in Central America know how to have a good time. This is night 2 of our Hunger Crunch parties!

Today, this lady asked me to photograph her and waved to me as I did. Should’ve given her a hug.

Not only did we get a huge box of balloons today, we got this up and working!!! “Showdown - Fork Boy / Beasty vs. Drought Monster”

Today, balloons came in! We’re talking thousands! Can’t wait to see a few hundred kids with these!

More work on the Hunger Crunch landing page…still very rough!

Javascript test Today!  Getting closer!

Last week, our game music failed. Thankfully @doddcaldwell and @ryanszrama were there to save the day. Funny thing is, our beta testing little buddy didn’t seem to notice.  Thinking of shipping Ryan and Dodd with the game! What do you think?

And then, the conversation got really tense and we discussed…


@doddcaldwell @johnnyrama @hungercrunch @ricebowls

If I’d worked harder in school…I wouldn’t be part of what I’m a part of now. I’d also be in bed by 10 every night and probably play golf. Luckily for me…I hate golf.

Looks like World Hunger is about to get a big ole’ butt whoopin by… a second grader? @whale

Zach Elliott - Mr. Elliott's Music

Mr. Elliott's Music

Zach Elliott

"Hunger - Wiped Out"

Meet Zach Elliott…the 17 year old musical genius who ,with his producer dad, wrote and performed our new game trailer music.  We think its amazing!

Check it out!  Thanks Zach. Thanks Lux!

Do the Work!

Every once in a while, I fall through a wormhole of sorts, to a place I’ve named, “The Land of Ifs and Maybes”.  I walk around there dreaming of what might happen if…

Sometimes, I get stuck there, hoping that maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a bit of luck… which will change everything for us in our struggle to fight world hunger and help orphaned kids.

Today, while visiting this magical land of hope, I tripped and tumbled back to a land I like much - much better…called, “Do the work!”  I’m hoping to stay here for at least a week.

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